Internet velox of hi
FREE – Rio de Janeiro

Without consultation the SPC and Serasa are the tv we consulted.
It pays nothing in the act of installation nor adesao of the equipment
01 mega 49,90
02 mega 65,90
05 mega 69,90 still wins the free wi fi modem
10 mega 69.90 still wins the free wi fi modem < 15 megs 64.90 still wins the free wi fi modem
20 25 mega 37.45 after 7 months 74.90 still wins the free wi fi modem
35 mega 42.45 after 7 months84.90 still Free WiFi modem

Unlimited fixed 60.90 speak at will.
We have combo hi 159 channels + 15 megas + unlimited fixed + 2 free spots = 189,90
Call me at zap 982968343.

R $ 20 – São João de Meriti

Call or call at zap (21) 96473-3926
Membership of plans with one device is 20.00
The adhesion of the plans with two appliances or more for only R $ 20,00
Has plans with 60.00 discount do not miss FREE INSTALLATION
Can be done in Credit Card, debit account or in Master I Package with 133 #channels and 1 Apparatus Monthly Master Package R $ 99,90
#OBS: We also have the Smart package with 100 channels the monthly fee R $ 79,90
# We also have the Smart package with Brazilian with two handsets for 139.90
MASTER II package with 133 channels and 2 handsets in HD
The monthly package of the master package II 119,90
We also have the TOP package with all telecine, hbo, soccer, drawings and channel With three handsets in HD being a record and pause, for 349,90
In this package you can ask for more three additional points s that costs 30.00 each
The adhesion is 20,00
The best you can DiVidir with who you want, it can be home INSTALLATION FREE and IMMEDIATE
NO ANALYSIS TO SPC AND The monthly fee only pays 30 days after the Do not stay out Enjoy to have the best picture in your # SKYHDTVÉISSO!!!
#OBS: I work with the sale of any package (Pre paid and paid post), facilities and We have the super new SKY PREPAID PAYMENT FLEX for only R $ 144,00 the device is yours, recharge whenever you want. (with monthly refills from 49,90)
MORE INFORMATION COMES FROM ZAP, Call or leave your number in comments
(21) 96473 -3926
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